Soulja Boy Arrested for Possession of Marijuana, Cash & Firearms

Hmmm… looks like at 3:15AM this morning, Mr. Soulja Boy Tellem got arrested for possession of marijuana, cash, and weapons in Temple, GA.

Between &, the 21 year old rapper and 4 other men was pulled over for a traffic violation where “substantial” amount of marijuana was found. Soulja boy was charged “felony possession of marijuana, felony possession of a weapon in commision of a crime and possession with intent to distribute.” That’s a lot of felony charges if you ask me for 21 year old. Not looking good, right?

All 5 men, including the driver of the Escalade they were in, are currently in Carroll County Jail awaiting to be seen before a judge. Dana Rampy, the spokesperson for the Temple police informed that “All of the individuals were very cooperative” and it was not clear of how much marijuana was in possession, or how many weapons or even if they were licensed firearms.

We’ll follow up more on this case and keep you Kool Kids up-to-date. In the meantime, stay out trouble and JUST SAY NO!


Your thoughts?

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