Kop That Jawn: “One Up for Love” Boyz II Men Are Back!!!

Say what? Boys II Men are back!

Boys II Men dropped their 10th studio album today, Twenty, celebrating their 20th Anniversary. The album is a 2-disc set that will not only have new material but a separate disc that will have 8 classic hits re-recorded.

“One Up for Love” is their first single release from the album. The song is different from the back in the day Boys II Men songs we know them for; which was those R-n-B love songs. However, this new direction is still a good one.

Wayne Morris’s said:

One Up For Love was a record I heard and my jaw hit the floor. It felt like a movement, like an anthem. we live our lives talking and singing about love. This song felt like a song that everyone can relate to on a global level. We all struggle, we all question, yet LOVE always pulls us together. From family,moms/dads, friends, sisters, and brothers to events that happen, if we all put love first, things will work out.” (via ConcreteLoop.com)

Not bad! Glad to see the pose back together!

Below is the Music Video to “One Up for Love”:


-KP ^.^


Your thoughts?

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