IllSide Radio: Should Entertainers With Dubious Content Be Getting Involved In Social Movements

This week we take a look at 50 Cent’s recent P.S.A. and what its implications are. Is the mega-rich rapper from Southside developing a new layer or is this just another example of an entertainer using charity to engender positive publicity? If, in fact, he’s serious, can even he garner change on the level he’s hinting?

We also take a look at celebrities like Kanye West and Russell Simmons. Is it right for them to eneven participate in an #occupywallstreet movement when they are rich, with interests that run counter to the 99 percent? Is Simmons just there to have an alternative to the banks with his rush card?

We look at all this and more on IllSide Radio. So sit back, relax and take a ride on the Ill Side.

Listen Here


Your thoughts?

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