LSU vs Alabama: Snoopy’s Thoughts

The babe sent me this comic strip pic of Charlie Brown talking to Snoopy about the LSU (#1) vs Alabama (#2) game this weekend. Thought it was pretty hilarious since the media has been going crazy about the most anticipating college game of the season.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and act like a sports commentator. Trying to go over stats, players and why LSU will whoop Alabama tail on that field. [LOL] I can only speak on what I’ve seen and know. Alabama from what I seen look like some durn thoroughbreds running up and down the field. Straight horse power. They have an awesome defense with a matching offense! They trotted all over my poor little Gators! Had them looking like they were a bunch of Crocs! Let me stop we’ve had better seasons!

Shouts out to Tebow doing his thing with the Denver Broncos! Really happy that John Fox is giving him the opportunity to tighten his game up.

But anyways back to our regular programming…

LSU, I mean obviously you can see why they are #1. Not going too much into them but to ask the BIG QUESTION…

Will LSU remain #1? Or  Will the Roll Tide bring that heat and take that #1 spot?

Only time will tell. The game is later today, Saturday November 5th @ 8pm EST. Tune in.



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