FAMU’s Longtime Band Director Fired

Dr. Julian White, FAMU’s Band Director, was fired, Wednesday, November 23rd. The day after

the Memorial Service for Robert Champion (26), one of FAMU’s drum majors. Champion was found unresponsive after a suspected hazing after the FAMU vs BCU football game Saturday night, November 19th, at the hotel in Orlando, FL.

It was reported that Champion complained that he couldn’t breathe and vomiting before he collapsed.  This is what lead the investigators to believe their was hazing before the emergency call to 911.

A spokesperson from the medical examiner informed that it can take up to 3 months to learn what caused his death. So, currently, the cause of death is unknown. Also, the fact, with other reported incidents, FAMU is just known for their crazy, out of control hazing antics.

Out of respect to the death of Robert Champion, FAMU’s University’s President James Ammons announced on Tuesday, November 22nd, that all of FAMU’s Marching Band performances and all other activities will be suspended until further notice.
To read a full article by Associated Press [click here]
R.I.P. Robert Champion
We here at The Kool Kids Table send our condolences to your family, friends and loved ones.

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