[Sports] Jaguars Fires Jack Del Rio!!!

Jack Del Rio was fired Tuesday, November 29th, as Head Coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars by the Team’s Owner, Wayne Weaver; who also actually sold the team to an Illinois businessman, Shahid Khan.

Del Rio has been the Jaguars coach for the past 8 years and has not brought the team to victory since.

The team is currently 3-8 into the Jaguars 2011 NFL season. Definitely not a good look. So, hopefully he is not surprised with being dismissed.

Being that Jacksonville is my hometown, my Facebook timeline blew up with celebration when everyone got word. Everyone was either like “FINALLY!”, “ABOUT TIME!”, “LONG OVERDUE!” or simply “YES!”. I actually felt bad because its never a good feeling to be fired. Especially when you’ve worked at a company, in this case team, for years. And then in his field and resume, not many openings available in the NFL or other teams wanting to add him on I’m sure.

Really wishing Jack Del Rio the best of luck!

To read more about announcement of Jack Del Rio being dismissed and the team being sold, go to ESPN.com.


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