Most Anticipated Video Games of 2011 – 2012

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (Now Available)

Battle Field 3 (Now Available)

Dead Island (Now Available)

Mass Effect 3 (Coming Soon)

Need For Speed: The Run (Now Available)

Rage (Available Now)

Saints Row: The Third (Now Available)

Uncharted 3 : Drake’s Deception (PS3 only; Available Now)

Star Wars : The Old Republic (Coming Soon; 12/20/11)

Batman: Arkham City (Now Available)

Bio Shock Infinite (Coming Soon)

Dark Souls (Now Available)

Deus Ex : Human Revolution (Now Available)


Gears of War 3 (Now Available)

Guild Wars 2 (Coming Soon)

Assassins Creed Revelations (Now Available)

Ninja Gaiden 3 (Coming Soon 2012)

Far Cry 3 (Coming Soon 2012)

Madden ‘12 (Now Available)

Tomb Raider (Coming Soon Fall 2012)

Max Payne 3 (March 6, 2012)

Metro: Last Light (Coming Soon)

Ghost Recon : Future Soldier (Coming Soon)

Tera (Coming Soon)

*XBox 360, XBox Live, PSP, PSP2, PSP3, PC*


Your thoughts?

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