[IllSide Radio] Grammy Mishaps, Common Tough Raps, Thanksgiving Table Scraps

Grammy Mishaps, Common Tough Raps, Thanksgiving Table Scraps On IllSide Radio

SquareOne & Odeisel have been off for a couple weeks but the crew at IllSide Radio is back to bring you some fire. We look at post Thanksgiving hijinx and the mainstream albums that underwhelmed. We look at Lupe, The Throne, Game, and The Cater IV. When will they be held accountable for not delivering.  Is the hype that leads into these albums partly to blame for expectations that are too high? Did Drake buck the mainstream album trend?

Are the fans to blame for the kind of music that dominates the airwaves? Is Drake giving the fans what they say they want/ only to be rebuffed? What’s with the new tough talking Common. Is he overcompensating  for the wierdness of the Universal  Mind Control album?  Is he coming sideways at Drake? It sounds dope but do you buy it?

Speaking of Drake, is he trying to hightail7l it off Young Money? Could he survive without them? Does he hav ea good reason to leave the label? How interested are we in a Drizzy and Rick Ross album? Is a Maybach move in the future? Does he need Young Money?

The Grammy nominations just dropped and as usual they got it all wrong. Why wasn’t Kanye’s album nominated for album of the year. Was it the only credible entrant for Hip-Hop album of the year?

We look at Torae’s solo debut For The Record and The Planet’s recent interview with him. Should  the older generation move out of the way or should the young guns force their hand? All this and more on IllSide Radio.

So sit back, relax and take a ride on the Ill Side. [Click to Listen]

Your thoughts?

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