Jay-Z signs Astro (X-Factor) to RocNation

Update: See article “Astro [from X-Factor USA] states he is NOT signed to RocNation

Although, Astro was x’d off the show X-Factor USA, there’s word out that Jay-Z signed the young rapper to his label, RocNation.

“I first heard about this exciting new talent and decided to watch some of his performances,” said Jay-Z. “Not only was I impressed with his performance, but to see the confidence he sang with, his lyrics and diction were on point.” (via Electronic Urban Report)Good deal for the kid! That goes to show you no matter what, give it your all. You never know never know who is watching you. People are already saying he looks like mini version of Kid Cudi. This definitely will not be the last of us hearing from Astro. Congrats to ya!


3 responses to “Jay-Z signs Astro (X-Factor) to RocNation

  1. i think astro, has a wonderful talent and he will go far! i hope he stays on the right path and becomes successful and not a sclacker!
    God bless you astro and may you have a long tremendous rapping career.

    but i don’t like Jay-Z so ja Boooooo!

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