[KopThatJawn] Cheesesteaktees

Cheesesteaktees??? 🙂

If you are like, “HUH? Cheesesteaktees?” just from looking at the word. I was like “HUH” when I first heard about this place from my Philly friends, Kool Kid Prod & VK.

Apparently, this is the place to go to for all your slogan and sports t-shirts in Philadelphia; ESPECIALLY if you’re a Philly’s anything fan. Rivalry shirts are on deck too.

Cheesesteaktees has everything to a variety of clothing apparel to the ball caps to all types of accessories and sticker decals. Not sure what you call those bobble head thing-a-ma-jimmies type toys but they have those, too. They even have a toaster that burns the Philly Flyers or the Philadelphia Eagle logo onto the bread. Never been a fan to that extreme but the ish looks dope as heck.

If you got pets, no worries. They got little apparels and trinkets for them too.

They even got one of my favorite words “JAWN” on a tee! If you have noticed the section on the blog called “Kop That Jawn“. LOL

Jawn” is a slang word founded by the native Philly folk which can mean anything really.

For example: “Yo, let me get them jawns” “That jawn (boy/girl) look fine” “That jawn (movie, song, etc) was dope

But anyways this is not a lingo session…

Cheesesteaktees is an actual store. So, for you “Philly Phantics”, if you’re ever in Philly, stop by there. I heard this is the place to be. Until then, you can check out their website, Cheesesteaktees.com.


Your thoughts?

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