Collin Gibson “Milanta” Directed By William Feagins Jr

Mad props to the homie, Will Feagins, Jr (or @highimpactdsgns as I first knew him on Twitter), on this video!!! He always have good quality material: nice captured shots, graphics, transitions, and all that good stuff in his videos. Dude is mad creative!

William Feagins Jr/High Impact Multimedia

Quick Review:

The introduction with the text play @ 43s was bananas!!! It flowed right with the beat. Then, Collin comes in hard with “Eff b!tch3s, Eff a ninja too” [totally tried to sensor that but you get the idea LOL] but anyways it had me all hyped! [LOL] Even the phone plug-in with the drop video snippet of Leslie Nielsen as Frank Drebin in the movie series of The Naked Gun was FYE!

Collin Gibson

This is actually my first time being introduced to any of Milwaukee rapper, Collin Gibson’s music and it happened to be through Will’s recent works. Collin is from Milwaukee but currently resides in ATL. (Hence the song “Milanta”) Very nice with the word play. Looking forward to hearing more from him.

Artist: Collin Gibson

Song: Milanta

Directed By: William Feagins, JrHigh Impact Multimedia

Download Collin Gibson’s 24Hours Volume 1 Mixtape

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