David Stern Playing Bully, Watch The Throne 2, Undun Doing It, Chris Tucker Returns To Friday

IllSide Radio Hosted By: SquareOne & Odeisel

LISTEN: David Stern Playing Bully, Watch The Throne 2, Undun Doing It, Chris Tucker Returns To Friday

This week, we discuss a Chicago anchor who dispelle dth emyth of Santa Clause ON THE AIR! What kind of Grinch ass woman is that?

We discuss The Roots sublime album undun and the universal acclaim it has received.  Will the recent Michelle Bachmann incident raise their profile enough for more people to want to check it out?  Is it their best album ever? Has Black Thought risen to a higher plane lyrically? Have The Roots proven that hardcore street records can be made without being an idiot?

NBC has recently decided they were going to screen The Roots’ music due to the “lying bitch” fiasco. Was it warranted? How does the crew at Illside Radio feel about the situation.

Jay-Z recently announced that a Watch The Throne 2 is on it’s way. We look at the first album and whether it warrants a sequel. Does the commercial nature of the album call for a new album? How does that success contrast with the artistic shortfall. Jigga was recently called out by the son of Fred Hampton for a lyric. We discuss whether Hampton Jr. has a right to be angry and whether his retort went too far. Should an album from those two superstars that didn’t get bootlegged have sold more than Lil Wayne or Drake this year? What were some of the factors that prevented that. Jigga also talks paying more taxes. What was behind the statement?

We take a look at Penn State’s Sandusky and his arrest this week. Why was he granted bail again? How much damage is he doing to the school walking around with the logo? Are they praying that this gets remedied soon? Where is he gettign the money for bail from in the first place?

Chris Tucker says he’s down to do another installment of Friday. Do we care at this point? Is it a decade too late? Does he even still have it at anymore? Is he too old to be Smokey?

David Stern blocked the trade of Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers. Was Stern right to do that? Was it a travesty of authority? Does it actually make the Hornets worse off by not making the trade? All this and more on IllSide Radio.


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