Netousha Monroe (Who IS She??)

Netousha Monroe

Okay, I admit it:  I’m a sucker.  I hear a female’s voice on a song.  It’s creamy, it’s sultry, it’s beautiful, it’s powerful… I gotta look her up.  What I find is Virginia Beach native Netousha Monroe.

…And I’ve neeeever seen that name spelling before, so I’m hella curious now.

Netousha appears on three songs from artist A.P.’s latest mixtape, Will I.E. (The Example).  And each time is a VERY enjoyable experience.

The first time she appears is on the song S.H.I.N.E., and what she brings to the track is literally… light.  She competes with a beautiful sample that comes into the song and creates a radiant chandelier of uplift.  And in that chandelier, Netousha’s voice finds its place as the resonant glistening between the precious stones.  (…Did I lay it on too thick there?  Tryna capture the feeling.)  I love the way she harmonizes on the word “hustle”, it’s really a dope sound.  And near the end of the song, she hits this one note and… you can just hear the power that she’s just barely tapping into.

Macy’s Day Parade is a second exhibition of her talents.  Harmony?  Got that.  Power?  Got that.  Softness?  Got that.  Vocal control?  Got that.  I’ll be honest:  as much as I’m digging A.P. right now, I was drawn in much more by the chorus than the verses; I had to kinda compartmentalize to really hear the entire song.

Netousha makes her final appearance on Everyday (My Way).  I’ve got to offer a special thanks for her contribution on this track; I wasn’t even in the Christmas spirit this year until I heard her.  Her voice sounds so youthful and vibrant and positive— like a little kid in a toy store during the holidays when it’s not Black Friday.  Better yet, like that same little kid at night, lost in some dazzling, outdoor array of Christmas lights.  I’m just saying it cuz that’s how it feels.

So, of course, I was excited to find that Netousha Monroe has YouTube videos of herself singing all over the place.  If  you can’t tell by now, I think you should peep ’em.  And Netousha, you’ve definitely got a spot at The Kool Kids Table; believe me, we’ll make room 😉


One response to “Netousha Monroe (Who IS She??)

  1. Netousha is destined for great things. Her voice is truly on of a kind. Definitely keep doing your thing because its only big things for you coming soon. This is what the industry has been waiting for.

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