Finishline vs Jordan Retro 11

Trying to get the Jordan Retro 11s was the wildest, hectic experience ever!!! Never in my life have I had so many difficulties from a website as I did with Finishline. Footlocker was the first site I checked and they had already removed the shoe. SOLD OUT! Which was cool because it was to be expected.

So I went to Finishline. The shoe was still there but a couple of shoe sizes were already out. I cop the shoe size I needed and proceeded to check out. I’m thinking like everything cool, I provided all my information and had the shoe in the cart. Then, out of no where the site started slowing down. You know when its taking a long time to flip to the next screen like its trying to load? That started to happen. I was thinking to myself “NOOoOoOoOOOOOOOoooo, THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!!!” Every time it popped up because it was the same feeling almost.

Next, thing you know I started getting the splash page that said the website was down and to try again later. I’m getting upset at this point because when I check my e-mail to see if it at least confirmed the order. I noticed an email sent from Finishline that the shoe was being sold online at Midnight. It was already after 12 something in the morning. I’m just coming home from work. I kept on getting the website is down splash page throughout the night in the middle of transactions because everyone and their mom, sister, brother, daddy, child was on this site now.

Then, something said, “KP check your bank account.” I log into my bank account. I see 7 transactions for $201 and some change. I’m like freak it!!! I bought 7 Js and the site said only 2 per person. I didn’t trip so much because I’m like okay well the shoe must have been bought.


I didn’t get a confirmation email for my transactions confirming the purchases. Its like 2am in the morning now and I have THE worst migraine EVER! Took 4 aspirins at this point and my head is still pounding. I’m infuriated, tired, HUNGRY (out of no where) all at the same time because I’m like Finishline does not have a 24 hour customer line and they jacked me for my money. I don’t play about my money. So, I call my bank to let them know what’s up and they told me Finishline refunded all of the transactions but one. That didn’t ease my mind though. I stayed awake until I can get a hold of representative that can let me know if my order was placed.

Now, during the transactions I was given a number to call for the errors messages. I called that number, got no answer. Heard the introduction for Finishline and everything. Called it again in the morning when they opened at 8am. Rings and disconnects. Call a bit later. Busy tone. Call customer service. Same ish!

To cut this short, after I got home from work, I fell a sleep trying to speak with representative from Finishline because my money was still not placed back and no email for confirming the purchase. Woke up the next day, money was back. NO SHOE!

I’m like eff that shoe now! At least I got my money back. Y’all can have them Jordans… [LOL]

Your thoughts?

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