Lupe Fiasco – “Double Burger With Cheese” (OFFICIAL VIDEO!!!)

Double Burger with Cheese is the name of it.  Song and video by Lupe Fiasco.  Yeah, that guy you know of, but never personally listen to.  Cuz he takes too much thinking.

This is probably the hardest video you’re going to see all year.  …And you’ll probably miss it because Common and Drake are beefing right now, huh?  Go Comm.

…Say, if you were being brainwashed, would you know it?  Perhaps a better question would be, DID you notice it?

…New Jersey Drive.  Menace II Society.  Juice.  New Jack City.  Dead Presidents.  Sugar Hill.  Boyz N The Hood.  Paid in Full.  Colors.  Poetic Justice.  South Central.

“This is just an illustration, of a few scenes that helped raise a generation.”

Was that “generation” yours?  …Nevermind, just watch the video.

And stay tuned; the review of  Raekwon’s Unexpected Victory mixtape is going up any second.  Written by Earl Grey Summers, the Experienced Listener.

This has been a message.

Your thoughts?

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