Amber Rose Speaks Out on Being Bullied By Kanye Fans

Amber Rose recently did an interview on MTV RapFix Live with Sway where she spoke on being bullied through Kanye‘s Music and his fans. Everyone can say what they want about Amber Rose but to bully someone is not tolerated in my book. Whatever happened between Kanye and Amber should stay between Kanye and Amber. If Kanye made tracks or dedicated his whole album about their relationship, thats him. I’m sure his situation was relatable but he’s simply expressing how he feels.

Verbal abuse and being attacked by the media is bad enough. Having your relationship exposed through music is even bad.However, to involve yourself into someone else’s relationship and harm them just because your a FAN is WRECKLESS MINDED. You think Kanye would go out his way to throw stuff or talk ish about your chick or dude when he catch them in the streets. Highly doubt it because its not his business or affecting him in any way.

Some people are probably like, “oh well, she’s grown. She can suck it up”, “She soft” because she cried on TV, or “she should be use to it by now”. Stuff like this really hurt and can emotionally affect someone for the rest of their life. I’m happy that she has found somebody like Wiz Khalifa to be happy again with. Not everybody’s story is like that. Some people are emotionally affected from their past relationships; to where they’re scared to get in another relationship or have a hard time staying in one.

I can go on and on but I’m not here to lecture no one about bullying. Only to express how I feel about it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just want it known that I dislike to seeing people get bullied around because I’ve been affected by it before. It wasn’t until one day my uncle sat me to the side. He told me to NEVER hold my head down to no one and always look them straight in the eyes. NEVER to let anyone pump fear in me and say NO! I cried while he made me do it in front of him but from that day forward I became stronger.

Love and Blessings.


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Your thoughts?

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