Lebron James, His Airness to the Basketball Throne??? NOT!!!

By Dat Boy Jay

Look, I know everybody wants to put LeBron James on this pedal stool of greatness, with aspirations of LeBron becoming the next MJ or Kobe. Not going to happen folks, and it’s not because he lacks the size, speed, and athletic ability. Nor is it because he lacks the ability to get his teammates involved and make them better. No ladies and gentlemen it’s none of those. I’m pretty sure if you’re a LeBron fan your ready to argue otherwise but truth be told you know what he lacks, and that’s HEART!

Yeah I said it, HEART!

He’s soft. I’m sorry to say but he is. You put LeBron, or LeBrina as I like to call him [LOL], on the big stage and he’s going to fold quicker than dry cleaned clothes. I’m just saying.

Now, I know you’re ready to concur and say when LeBron was in Cleveland he didn’t have a team but I beg to differ. Didn’t his last two seasons with Cleveland have the best record in the NBA? But as soon as Lebrina… Oops, I meant Lebron [LOL]… froze up every time in clutch situations where they needed LeBron to step up and be that Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant figure. He couldn’t do it and please don’t hit me with that he had no help excuse. Moe Williams was an All Star when he played with Lebron, and Gibson was one of the best 3-point specialists coming off the bench.

Oh! And don’t forget about Zydrunas Ilagauskas, who was a two-time All Star player and probably one who the most consistent big man of his time.

So, that’s not a good excuse, and don’t get me started on last year’s finals. Do you so called “LeBron Fans” know that in the Forth Quarter of last year’s finals he averaged 4 total points? NOT 4 for every Fourth quarter but 4 total points in the Fourth Quarter of the 6 games.

What does that say about LeBron when the pressures on? He’s going to stand around and look, and make that crazy face he making in the finals that he’s been doing every year in the playoffs. So, yeah, Lebron is going to get his 28 points, 8 assists and don’t forget 10 rebounds for you every night, but come crunch time he’s going to be nowhere to be found.

Last year, LeBron dropped all the way to 13th in clutch production, averaging 40.6 points, 7.0 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 33.3% shooting.

Shame, shame, shame…

So, on that note, can you people please stop proclaiming LeBron to be his “Airness to the Basketball Throne” at least until he gets a ring.

Your thoughts?

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