Supreme Anniversary, Deng Be Damned, Four Horseman Dismount

By: SquareOne & Odeisel

LISTEN: Supreme Anniversary, Deng Be Damned, Four Horseman Dismount

This week’s episode is action packed as we discuss a few topics all over the map.We discuss the breakup of supposed Hip-Hop supergroup, The Four Horseman. Does it even matter at this point, with no album ever released? Where they Slaughterhouse 1.0? We play what if in terms of whether they could have released an album and made a mark.


Next up was Nicki Minaj’s “Stupid Hoe” video with 4.8 million views in one day. Does that reflect her pop status or the lunacy of the viewers. With her Barbie allegory, what effect does that song and video on children?

Drake says there is no response to Common’s “Stay Scheming” diss coming, talking that peace shit. Did he miss the opportunity to strike a blow for his generation? Did he do the right thing? Was it some hoe shit? We discuss all of this.

We get in some NBA action and talk Lakers, Bulls, the early season and whether Luol Deng is enough of a sidekick to get Derrick Rose to an NBA title.

Last, but not least, we look back on Supreme Clientele 12 years later. Was this the album that kept Wu-Tang alive through most of their sophomore slumps? How much did Lord Superb actually contribute to the record? All this and more on IllSide Radio. So sit back, relax and take a ride on the Ill Side.


Your thoughts?

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