R.I.P. Whitney Houston

Wow! This was a shocker when I received the email alert that Whitney Houston died this afternoon at the age of 48. It was reported that Whitney Houston died earlier this afternoon at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel. TMZ reported that she was seen with R&B singer, Ray J this past weekend. This is so sad and she was young.

I can still remember the first time being introduced to her as a singer/actor. I remember loving her as a singer but it wasn’t until I turned 8 years old when I really fell in love with her. My mom told me for my birthday we were going to see Whitney Houston. I was a bit confused because I thought we were actually going to meet her in person. We actually went to go see her movie, Bodyguard. Every since then I adored her. Throughout her career I followed and so did my mom. That was one thing me and my mom had in common, Whitney Houston. Despite how her career ended and relationship with Bobby Brown I will always love her and remember her at her best.

R.I.P. Whitney Houston (August 9, 1963–February 11, 2012)

Song: “I Will Always Love You

Artist: Whitney Houston

Album: Bodyguard Soundtrack

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