Kobe Raises Rank, MIA Raises Finger, Giants Raise Their Rings & Ja Rule Raises Ridicule

By: Squareone & Odeisel

LISTEN: Kobe Raises Rank, MIA Raises Finger, Giants Raise Their Rings & Ja Rule Raises Ridicule

This week we looked back at the Superbowl and the Giants’ victory over the new England Patriots. We talk what ifs and discuss the game as well as the halftime show. Did Madonna represent? Was it a welcome change from all of those old ass performers that were downers on the halftime? Did MIA’s middle finger effectively dead any chance of anyone young and non-white being able to be showcased at half-time?

We take a look at Ja Rule’s recent ridiculous “jail is amazing” comments and go in on how dumb and destructive those statements are, given his status. BET banned Nicki Minaj’s “Super Hoe” video. Does it mean a damn thing? Is it too late for such a morally corrupt channel to posture morally? With the millions of views already under the video’s belt, was it an empty gesture? Doe people even check BET for videos at this point? We discuss in depth.

We salute J Dilla on his birthday and look back at his history and some of the overwrought tributes that have fallen his way since his demise.
Get Rich Or Die Trying turned 12 this week. We discuss its impact on Hip-Hop and music in general. Does the album deserve the classic status that many convey upon it? Was it overrated? Underrated? We get it in on one of the most talked about commercial albums this millenium.

Finally we take a look at Kobe Bryant, who passed former teammate Shaquille O’Neal this week to rank 5th on the all-time NBA scoring list. Where does he rank in the history of the game? How does he actually compare to Michael Jordan, the player with whom he’s most often compared? Man do we get it in on this episode.

So sit back, relax, and take a ride on the Ill Side.

Your thoughts?

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