Honors English – “Crazay” (Official Video!!!)

Whattup, this is Earl Grey Summers.  And when I write mixtape and album reviews, I don’t just look for talented artists; talent is everywhere nowadays.  I look for artists that actually bring something notable with them when they come and would be sorely missed if, God forbid, they were to leave.

…Yeeeaaah.  THAT’s what I’m talking about.   Lupe Fiasco just posted a track from this artist on Facebook.  And I trust Lupe’s judgment— just like I trusted RZA when he posted A.P. some months back— so I peeped this cat Honors English out.  Honors English does not disappoint; this is a REVOLUTION IN PROGRESS.

Please believe that, sooner than later, you WILL be seeing a review of this cat in The Experienced Listener.  I’m just waiting for tomorrow when he officially releases his project, State of the Art.

Meantime, enjoy the video for Crazay.  Sidenote:  aside from being a lyrical connoisseur, I’m also a martial arts fanatic.  Matter fact, if you look at this cat the wrong way… he kinda looks like me, huh?


Jesus Peace,



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