Nappy Roots feat. Khujo Goodie – “Pete Rose” (OFFICIAL VIDEO!!!)


When I first saw & heard the Nappy Roots, I thought to myself, “…Goodie Mob, anyone?”  Well, not quite.  Honestly, Nappy Roots is a whole different animal… but in the same gene pool.  Which is why, when I heard about Organized Noize Productions producing their latest project, Nappy Dot Org, I thought to myself, “That’s chemistry right there.  LONG overdue.”

The best part about artists working with ONP is that they’re almost guaranteed to get features from the other members of Atlanta’s legendary Dungeon Family.  Enter Khujo Goodie, the invincible elder from the Goodie Mob.  On this new track, Pete Rose, Khujo summons his opening lyrics from the Goodie Mob classic, Cell Therapy and reintegrates them into this new track with the same raw delivery.  Meanwhile, Vito Banga, Skinny DeVille, B. Stille, Ron Clutch, and Fish Scales bring their A-games to show the old-timer just what they learned from that Dungeon legacy.

*CAUTION*  The Nappy Roots pull no punches on this track.  It’s not about punchlines and wordplay:  it’s about LOOK FOOL, THE WORLD IS A F#CKED UP PLACE RIGHT NOW AND THERE’S SOME THINGS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR ENTERTAINMENT PLEASURE.  SO DANCE TO THAT.  …Frankly peeps, I dubb this track Cell Therapy 2012.  Which was probably the whole idea to start with, huh?





Your thoughts?

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