The Experienced Listener Says, “Rock the Mic Wit Akuma Beads!!”

My SFA2 heads feel me on this one...

My SFA2 heads feel me on this one…

There’s an affinity between Hip Hop and martial arts, ya’ll know it.  “Wu-Tang Clan”, anyone?  “Battle” rapping?  C’mon, it’s obvious.  Matter of fact, what got me hooked on the Street Fighter series was when I saw Chun Li do her Whirlwind Kick, because it looked like the windmill/headspin that a Hip Hop break dancer would do.  But with more sexiness of leg action.

Speaking of Street Fighter, my favorite character from the SF series is Akuma;  bruh only exists to crush strong opponents.  Won’t even engage in a battle with a weak combatant, kinda like the Predator in AVP.  I respect that.

So when you see this character Akuma, you’ll notice he rocks these beads around his neck— prayer beads, probably in the fashion of those used in Buddhist practice.  Bottom line, it’s a dope look.  A look that I’m starting to see translate into Hip Hop fashion.  However, this look is FOR DEADLY MCs ONLY!!!  For instance:

Honor’s English.  Bonafide killer.  In a whole other league from 96% of the MCs in the game right now.  Though he crucifies the track, in the video Honors English comes across a little more “Zen” about his craft; more in teaching mode than having Akuma’s famous “murderous intent”.  Sumn like Akuma in this picture:

Murderous intent under control

Murderous intent under control

Then, there’s this cat:

He goes by Quadir Lateef; expect a review of his album Fool’s Gold soon.  For now though, notice two things:  1) the deadly art of those lyrics; 2) the rawness of those BEADS around his neck!  Now, Quadir is Muslim, so those aren’t Buddhist prayer beads around his neck, of course.  The point is, you can’t have the beads without the raw rhyme; that would be a violation.  AND he’s got the crossed swords too?  You’ve GOT to come to the cypher ready to take souls rocking that!

I liken the in-your-faceness of his video to this Akuma pic:

Peep the size of DEEZ BEADS bruh!!

Peep the size of DEEZ BEADS bruh!!

I would like to think that Akuma would be pleased with both of these MCs.  It’s a cool connection because Hip Hop, like video games, provides people a battleground to express themselves without consequence.  …Well, for the most part without consequence; there’s always exceptions.  Anyway, like I said, look for my review of Quadir Lateef’s Fool’s Gold in the coming weeks.  And if you didn’t catch my review of Honors English’s State of the Art

^^^#BAOW, I thought about cha.

Disclaimer:  Yes, I like the CONCEPT of the character Akuma; as a player, though, I’m #GUILENATION to the teeth.  Look me up.  I will bust yo a$$.  I’m not kidding.  

EarlGreySummers on XBox LIVE.  Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition only!!!  

Your thoughts?

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